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The Motion Collective's "Burak" is characterized by ethnic rhythms evoking an intense atmosphere of oriental flavors.

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released February 2, 2015

Liner Notes:

This is the first record issued by new label A.MA Edizioni from Bari (Italy), a mini LP with four tracks written, produced and arranged by DJ and producer Gerardo Frisina. Production is exclusively on vinyl but the music is not limited to the dance floor. Each track has its own well-defined identity:
Burak is characterized by ethnic rhythms evoking an intense atmosphere of oriental flavors.

Zagara is the track that is closest to Gerardo Frisina’s past productions,the brasilian sound is enhanced by the vocals of Francesca Sortino and interplay between the flute and piano.

On the AA side, Michael’s Vision displays striking jazz influence. The atmosphere generated by strong rhythmic impulse is reinforced by the tenor sax improvisations of Germano Zenga and refined by the piano work of Giovanni Guerretti.

In the Burak Jazz Version the track is embellished in a jazz style with soprano sax, electric piano and vibraphone, maintaining the original concept but creating a perfect listening experience.

Germano Zenga Tenor Sax/Soprano Sax
Giovanni Guerretti piano/electric piano
Francesca Sortino Vocals on Zagara
Alexandra Savage Flute on Zagara
Joseph S. Wilson Bass
Paul Herrera Drums

Written arranged and produced by Gerardo Frisina
Executive Producer Antonio Martino
Recorded at A.MA Studios January 2014

Juno Review:
"A brand new vinyl-only imprint from Italy... A MA invites one of their most respected countrymen and international music connoisseurs Gerardo Frisina for a quad of stunning compositions that all speak with a passionate Latin tongue.

"Burak" looks east and west for inspiration... East for the percussive, string and chanting vocal ingredients, and west for the techno dynamic that builds and subverts with wild-eyed abandon.

"Zagara" is an equally floor-fired affair complete with bossa attitude, lush vocal textures and an infectious rhythmic insistence. The jazz-tickled "Michael's Vision", meanwhile, struts with a strange syncopated swing that neatly fits the frenetic sax noodles and "Take Five" style piano refrain.

Finally we hit a jazz version of "Burak" where the techno dynamic is softened by sax and soothing Rhodes, but the beat insistence is still loud and clear."



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